My identity

Dear God,

Who am I?

I get so confused when anyone says “Tell me more about yourself ”.

You’d be too if You were in my shoes right?

Usually I’m not sure how to answer the question.

But tell me, do I answer this question based on who I am in You or how the world sees me?

For starters, I’d say I’m a tall dark girl with unprocessed natural hair.

Forget what I said about being tall, make that medium height.

I am still a student waiting to graduate.

I love dancing!

But sometimes I like to sing more than I dance.

And other times I like to write more than I read.

I’m very inquisitive and if I had my way I’d know everything that goes on around me.


I think I got the answer,

Just let me know if I’m right or wrong.

I am the lady You sent Your son to save right?

The chosen one, turned into a royal priesthood.

Nooo! That’s not it.

I think I am the fisher of men, sent to cast my net into the deep.

Can I get a hint now?

At least, let me know if I can be more than one person at a time.

Let’s say the messenger, the prophet, the healer, the teacher, the one who sees visions.

It’s funny, I‘ve been trying to figure this out for a while now.

And the fact that I can‘t relate to all these people You brag about in the Bible makes me wonder.


Did you say Jonah?

How’s he even like me?

Let’s face the fact,

You have never sent me on any journey.

Even if You did I willingly went.

Wait! Is this about the time you asked me to pray but I preferred to finish playing Coin Master ?

I ended up doing it eventually.


Oh yeah, I remember what happened on Monday,

You said, “He needs to know he can be everything through Me. Tell him Jesus loves him”

And i said ‘No, that will just ruin the vibe’.

But that’s not even the case,

We are talking about me,

Who am I?

You’re making me sound chatty now.

Can You please speak to me?

Or you can at least choose from the options i’ve given.

You are my identity.

Everything I am, you are!

Sometimes salty, but that’s fine.

You are love, You are peace, You are kind, You are joy.

You are fit to light up the world.

People are never the same when they get to know you.

You turn things around.

You posses wisdom, far beyond the understanding of man.

You are a treasure to the world, those who find You find riches.

Treasure that is far more precious than rubies.

It’s likely that men may not completely understand You, because you can’t be understood.

You posses all power, and Your presence alone causes men and every other god to bow.

You’re sometimes forgetful, messy, like to have things done in your own way.

On some occasions you forget your strength is limited and lean on your own understanding.

Rather than doing things my way you prefer to take the lead and only come back crying when things don’t go well.

But you know, all your flaws they don’t matter to Me.

In fact i’ll refer to the them as my blindspot.

Because you are in Me, and I in you.

With Me, you are perfect.

And that’s who you are.

My Identity!


29 thoughts on “My identity

Add yours

  1. This is so accurate and true , may God help us all to know who we are, and by so doing I believe we can please Him.

    God bless you dear.


  2. We almost all the time tell different things about who we are to people the way we want them to see us. But the truth is that isn’t who we are. All we tell them is the way we want society to see us. Have we ever thought of projecting how God sees us, in other words who we are to people when asked Who are You?
    This piece has uncovered the known hidden truth of who we are. God bless you Nana


  3. Very nice message dear, God bless you so much and it’s very true, the line which talks about Doing things are own way and coming back crying. God help us in this World. Amen


  4. Masterpiece . King Kong Evangelist on fire 🔥. God bless you

    Now you got me thinking, who am I???.

    For He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world. That is enough for me to understand who I am🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


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